Welcome to you for visiting us. We are youth writers from the indigenous Magar community of Nepal. Nepal Magar Writers’ Association, Central committee,Kathmandu Nepal is launching this site to serve & provide materials of publication in Magar language and about indigenous Magar community. You can enjoy this site to read books to understand about indigenous Magar community, Magar language and other subjects related to indigenous Magar community. Magar language, culture and community are properties ofNepaland all human-being of the world.

 We are crawling to upload more than more books, published materials related to mother tongue and indigenous community from 1st days of 2069 BS to serve Magar language, culture, identity, nationality and humanity. We are in the beginning stage and searching such published books, materials related to our mission and vision. Currently, we have uploaded published
books & materials which we could find out. There are so many books and publications are missing here and we are trying to find out them and we will provide for you. That’s why your kind information and suggestions might be valuable for us and your small effort might be beneficial to our indigenous Magar community, nation as well as human beings. So, we anticipate kind co-operation. Thank you.

 To know more click on about us menu. To read more magar language books and magar related books please visit menus and sub-menus accordingly. Thank  you.

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Learn Magar Kham/Pang
के तँपाई मगर भाषा सिक्न चाहानु हुन्छ ? वा मगर भाषामा दक्षता बढाउन चाहानु हुन्छ ? त्यसो भए नेपाल मगर महिला संघ, जिल्ला समिति काठमाडौंबाट प्रकाशित “मगर खाम/पाङ ला र् हो र /मगर ढुट (खाम/पाङ)आङ कुराकानी” खोजी खोजी पढ्नुहोस् । आफ्नो प्रति आजै सुरक्षित राख्नुहोस् । सम्पर्क फोन नम्बर 977-9849295416 यमुना तरामीमगर (सचिव), 977-9841341765 कुमारी आलेमगर (कोषाध्यक्ष)   magar kkam, pang ra dhut
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के तँपाई मगर भाषा सिक्न चाहानु हुन्छ ? वा मगर भाषामा दक्षता बढाउन चाहानु हुन्छ ? त्यसो भए मगर अध्ययन केन्द्रद्धारा प्रकाशित “मगर ढुटआङ कुराकानी” तेस्रो संस्करण खोजी खोजी पढ्नुहोस् । आफ्नो प्रति आजै सुरक्षित राख्नुहोस् । सम्पर्क फोन नं.०१५५३२३२०, ९८०३०२२३६४, ९७५१००५७३६, ९८४१२९१०२२  
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हिरासिङ थापामगरको मगर ढुट–खस–अँग्रेजी शब्दकोश खोजी खोजी पढ्नुहोस् । पुस्तकको लागि सम्पर्क ९८४९५७८८६१, ०१२१९००४५ (काठमाडौ)
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मगर भाषामा बाल कथा
मगर भाषामा बाल कथा संग्रह प्रकाशित भयो । आफ्नो बालबच्चाहरुको लागि प्रति आजै सुरक्षित गर्नुहोस् । पुस्तकको लागि सम्पर्क नम्बर 977-9847074729 हेमा आलेमगर (लेखक), 977-01-4233395, 9841059809 प्राइम बुक्स प्रा.लि. बागबजार (पुरानो बसपार्कबाट शंकरदेव क्याम्पस जाने बाटो), काठमाडौ ।   hema book